final 3We just attended Victory Caloocan’s Singles Get Away 2016 last August 5-7, Friday to Sunday. That was my second time joining a singles’ camp and indeed, it was amazing; God surprised me beyond what I expected.
All throughout the camp, I was observing and thinking until these two thoughts came into my mind about why this camp is memorable for me and I think, for every one who participated in it.

So here they are:

1. Captured Moments
We may not be able to remember all the names of the people we met and all the activities we had during the camp, but I am sure that there are specific and special moments that we personally experienced and that we will never forget.

These were the moments that touched our hearts and our lives.

It can be:

The team building and war games that made us forget that we are Christians, at least for just 2 hours. (laughs) But seriously, it was memorable because of the fun, joy, and excitement that we experienced while at it.

The connection and genuine relationship that has been built, whether with our team mates, room mates or with other people in the camp.

The time we were shouting “Single’s Getaway 2016” 20x, then at the end turning it to shagidi shagidi shapopo.

The “walang sawang hugutan”.

The spoken words “may problema tayo” (That was a meaningful one btw)

The late night fruitful conversations we had with one another, whether in a group or with the people who are close to us. Or maybe for some, even with their crushes or the person that they admire. (laughs)

The time we had when we encourage one another or even say sorry and forgive.
I think above all, it is our personal devotion with God where some of us even received their calling, new direction, and a clear revelation from God. The worship time, sessions, and preachings where God indeed spoke to us.

Those were captured moments that we will not just take a picture of and upload it on Facebook then we’ll eventually forget about—no. I think those are moments that we will always remember and that will remain in our hearts.

Someday we’ll talk about it with our family, friends, Victory Group members, and even our future children so we can inspire them to join as well.

My encouragement to all who will attend any camp is this: though you won’t remember all the activities, find those captured and special moments that will make the event meaningful to you.

2. Changed Lives

It’s not just the captured moments that we will remember, but also the changed lives and breakthroughs that this camp brought us.

It was like a Victory Weekend 2.0 (if there is such a thing) or an inner healing deliverance.

We all came from different backgrounds; most of us had a painful past, some of us are carrying burdens and struggles that no one knows but God, and we also had a lot of concerns before we came to that place.

But through our personal devotions, the powerful sessions and the messages we heard, we indeed encountered God in a deeper way and our lives right now are never the same as before. We came home as a different or a changed person. We experienced freedom from the past and we now have freedom to walk with Jesus and with one another. From carrying our burdens and concerns, now we are carrying our faith in God and His love for us.

Here are some of my take home quotations that were ministered to me and I think, to all of us:

“Yes, you made a mistake. And yes, you failed. BUT YOU ARE STILL MY SON.” -Bishop Juray Mora, talking about the love of the Father

“You are so priceless and only Christ can afford to pay you. God alone can set your real value and identity”. -Bishop Juray Mora

“Worship is a resolve to offer everything to Him regardless of the situation.” -Ms. Mye Nunag

“All we have is our relationship with God, and that’s the only thing that will keep us going and steadfast until the end.” -Ms. Mye Nunag

“The Word is the ultimate weapon of a godly leader.” -Ptr. Cj Nunag

“Depend on the Word as if your life depends on it. Obey the Word no matter what the cost.” -Ptr. CJ Nunag

“Continue to love and forgive no matter what.” -Ptr. Louie Santos

It was truly a life changing experience, and we are now ready to go back to our family, work and life, holding on to the identity and value that we have from God.

So my advice to the people who will join a camp in the future, be there with a humble and expectant heart, pray that God will speak to you and that you will encounter Him in a way that will bring change to your life.

For the participants or the people who were there:

We’re excited to hear your captured and unforgettable moments, so you may write and comment here or in our Facebook group where I posted this blog. You can also share how God changed your life during the event.

I really enjoyed those three days with all of you and I am so grateful to meet everyone.

And of course before the camp ends, I realized that I hope many people out there can hear the life changing message we heard and experience the joy that we had. So my prayer is that it will not just end with us but that we will have the courage and compassion to share the good news and revelations to others as well.


For the core team and volunteers:

core team

Just before I end this blog, I would like to say thank you to the core team and the volunteers that made this camp possible. We appreciate all your labor and effort and we want you to know that you guys did a great job and you help and led us to a higher ground experience with God.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope to see you next year in our Singles’ Get Away 2017. God bless! 🙂